Wood Urea-formaldehyde Resin Adhesive Special Flame Retardant AP1090
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Wood Urea-formaldehyde Resin Adhesive Special Flame Retardant AP1090

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Product description: AP1090 is a new halogen-free flame retardant based on organic phosphorus and nitrogen.The flame retardant is a white powder, non-toxic, environmental protection, high content and high flame retardant efficiency. The products meet the halogen-free standard (IEC 61249-2-21) and the environmental protection directives of RoHS 2.0 and REACH209 and related domestic environmental protection indexes.

AP1090 is suitable for the flame retardant treatment of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive in plywood, particle-board and fiber-board. The flame retardant efficiency is extremely high and can meet the international flame retardant standard UL94 v-0. Urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive has the advantages of low production cost, sufficient source of raw materials, simple production process, easy to use, colorless adhesive layer after curing, excellent adhesive bonding performance, good moisture resistance, wide range of uses and so on. In the artificial board with adhesive, the cost and price of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive is other adhesive can not be compared, so that the urea-formaldehyde adhesive becomes the main variety of artificial board with adhesive. The demand of urea-formaldehyde adhesive increases greatly, but its flammability makes its wide application limited. The launch of AP1090 solves this problem. The addition amount of 10-15% can reach B1 levels of wood flame resistance.





Phosphorus Content



Nitrogen Content



Water Content






Packing and storage: 20kg /bag, using kraft bags with PE inner. Handle with care, keep airtight and dry.




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