Epoxidized Soybean Oil ES-650
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Epoxidized Soybean Oil ES-650

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Epoxidized Soybean Oil ES-650

Molecular Formula:C57H106O10

CAS No: 8013-07-8 

Property:At normal temperature, the product is     transparent light yellow oily liquid, soluble in hydrocarbons, ketone, esters, higher alcohols,slightly soluble in ethanol.

Application: ES-650 is widely used as epoxy plasticizer and stabilizer for PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It has comprehensive properties, such as good compatibility with the PVC resin , low volatility, little migration.In addition,It has excellent thermal stability and light stability, water proof , oil resistance, those features enable your products to have good mechanical strength, and superior weatherability. Due to its characteristic of no toxicity , it becomes internationally recognized additive for food packaging materials.

It is applicable to manufacturer various products:  such as all kinds of food 

package materials,medical products, different kinds of films, sheet materials, tubing, sealing strip of refrigerator, artificial leather , plastic wallpaper, 

wires and cables and other plastic products for everyday use.It  is also used in copper-clad laminate,printing ink, oil paint, coating, synthetic rubber, and liquid compound stabilizer,etc.

Specificaitons :

Item                            Specification              

    Appearance:                     transparent light yellow oily liquid

   Color                            ≤50 APHA

   Epoxy value                      ≥ 6.5%                  

   Moisture                         ≤0.2%                   

   Acid value                        ≤1.0mgKOH/g             

   Iodine value                      ≤3  g/100g              

   Density                          0.98-1.00 g/ml            

   Thermal stability                   ≥95%(177℃,3h)         

   Flash point                        ≥280 ℃                 

   Index of refraction                  1.4710-1.4740(20℃)

   Viscosity                          350-500cP

Packaging Details:200kg / Iron drum or on the clients' requirements




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