Acrylic Acid Coating Flame Retardant AP1030
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Acrylic Acid Coating Flame Retardant AP1030

Acrylic Acid Coating Flame Retardant AP1030
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Acrylic Acid Coating Flame Retardant AP1030


Product Description: 

AP1030 is a new efficient halogen-free flame retardant based on organic phosphinates. The product is white powder, has tiny particle diameter, moistureproof and low water absorption.


AP1030 can be used in many areas of textile coating, polyurethane, acrylic and the electronics industry. Such as electrical and electronic functions adhesives, retardant ink, epoxy electronic potting, label adhesive and so on. It can meet the most stringent flammability standards.

AP1030 can either be added individually, but also with other halogen-free flame retardants and inorganic fillers to achieve higher and better flame retardant effect, electrical, mechanical processing, heat resistance and other comprehensive performance. After adding, the flame retardant can achieve the best dispersion with a high speed shear mixing machine.





Phosphorus content



Nitrogen content






Decomposition Temperature(1% weight loss)


D50 Particle size(D50




Packaging & Shipping

1.PUER always chooses the best logistics option according to customer's requirement.

2. PUER always dispatches experienced employees for container loading as customer's requirement.

3. All the packing can be customized.

4. 20kg /bag,using kraft bags with PE inner. Handle with care,keep airtight and dry.

5. It will be shipped within 7 days after receipt of the payment.

Our Services

1. Our various products can completely meet all requirements of clients.

2. Our products are approved by RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001

3. Superior and steady quality, good after-sales service, competitive price and perfect consulting and technical systems will make us sincere friends and win-win partners.

Company Information

PUER collaborates with university and institutes to develop green eco-friendly flame retardants. We are committed  to providing high performance halogen free flame retardants to help our customers to realize successes via sustainable solution. We take innovation and sustainable development as our mission. PUER will always supply customized products for global customers’ needs.  We always offer best products and excellent service.

PUER will provide high-quality products and competitive price for you.




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